Steph's Pick - Resource Updates: Beaba Babycook & SkipHop's Studio Diaper Tote

Apr 30, 2010

Thanks Kristi (check our her blog - she's a hilarious writer!) for asking me to write an update on some of the items I posted about earlier but at that time had yet to use.

{Product 1 - Diaper Bag}
Remember this post? For those who need a refresher, back in February 2009 I was so excited about our pregnancy with Nora that I immediately started looking for the perfect diaper bag. You know - the kind of diaper bag that's cute yet functional. (alright - maybe more cute than functional) After much research I settled on Skip Hop's Studio Diaper Tote in Champagne and couldn't wait to tell all our AlanandSteph readers about it. But at the time I was months away from using it.

After 10 months of use this bag has lived up to my expectations. It's still cute (yipee!) and carries a TON of stuff. There are so many pockets for everything every momma needs to carry around. I know of at least 5 friends who have the same bag and who also love it! So all in all - 5 stars! *****

{Product 2 - Beaba Babycook}

Right at the beginning of starting to make Nora's baby food I was just too excited not to post about my new-found kitchen gadget. In November I posted here about the Beaba Babycook. As ya'll probably know by now - I'm a wanna-be foodie, which is probably why this was such a fun gift for me to receive (thanks again Tom & Jane). Now 5 months into making baby food I feel like I can finally give it a decent review.

The Beaba Babycook is a little glimpse into all of the great things God has in store for us in heaven (yes - I'm hoping that I will still cook in heaven :)). Seriously. I have loved every part of this little gadget. Between being a working mom, doing cloth diapers and doing everything else I do - My little Beaba has been a life-saver. Now do I think it's totally necessary - no. I have plenty of friends who make their own baby food using a simple blender or Magic Bullet. But for me it has been awesome. It's so simple. You steam and puree in the same container. My only "beef" - the pricetag. Although I can't complain - it was a gift!!!

I wish I had pictures of the whole process... sorry. This is what Nora's food (blueberries and mangoes) look like after steaming, pureeing and freezing them and before heating them up and feeding them to Nora-bora.

Here's the after picture....


nora's 1st swing

Apr 28, 2010

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that we're just getting around to taking Nora to the park and putting her in a swing. I've had all winter to do this as the weather here has been GORGEOUS but somehow time just slipped away from us. Oh well, that's life...

She seems to like it :)

On an unrelated note, Nora's learning to give kisses. The only problem is she likes to give open mouth out boys!

Happy Wednesday!!


Nora Recommends - Boon's Bottle Drying Rack

Apr 26, 2010

Ok - I'll admit it. I've been eyeing this drying rack for a couple months now. I know ... if I'd known 5 years ago that I'd have my eyes out for a contemporary bottle drying rack I probably would have had a good laugh. But that's what motherhood does to you.

Boon’s Grass Countertop Drying Rack is a minimal, modern way to dry your bottles, cups, spoons and baby plates. Water drains from the utensils into the tray so the products can air dry. Sleek, stylish and functional, the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack is a fabulous addition to a modern kitchen.

So needless to say, last week I took my 20% BBB coupon to Buy, Buy Baby and bought it! Yipee!! I also decided it was time to do away with the formula cans and got a different container for it. Doesn't it look nice? For those who know me well - you can attest to the fact that I'm all about making sure our home doesn't look like Nora's stuff blew up all over it :)


Steph's Pick - Trudeau Pot Clip

Apr 23, 2010

You know you spend a lot of time in the kitchen when your hubby presents you with one of these for Christmas and you're just as happy as if he would have gotten you jewelry. ***Big Cheesy Grin***

This may sound silly but oftentimes when cooking I would become agitated by the mess that placing the spoon in the average spoon rest would leave. Not only do I have to clean the spoon and the spoon rest but oftentimes I'd drip all over the place just getting the spoon into it's resting position - ugh!

The Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest comes in and saves the day! Fashioned from silicone and metal, this clip is heat-resistant (up to 600 degrees F) - and clamps very securely to most pans. Little silicone bumpers guard against scratches and it's dishwasher safe.

I love what an Amazon reviewer, Emily B, said of this gadget...
" The Trudeau's pot clip is one of those kitchen gadgets that looks like an extra and turns out to be indispensable."

I couldn't have said it better. And at under $10/each they make a great gift for Mother's Day :)

Get yours today. Both Amazon and Sur La Table sell them.


9 months & a trip to Yogurtology

Apr 20, 2010

Nora celebrated her nine month "birthday" last week. We still can't believe how quickly she's growing up. Here are a quick list of her "likes" and "dislikes"

Nora likes...
people (no stranger-danger for her), dogs, silly songs, crawling, walks, our TV Stand, watermelon, bows, being VERY active, colorful and loud toys (ughhh...), her little blankey, skype, grass, swimming, teething biscuits, Mrs. Cherrick and Reagan and finally Elmo. Yes - Elmo. Must be the bright red and high voice :)

Nora's dislikes...
having her nose wiped, sitting still, airplanes (too restrictive), her carseat (for the same reason), when dad gets a haircut (scary) and finally being so far away from her cousins :(

Without further are her stats...

9 months.
20 lbs. 11 oz. (75%)
30 inches (97%)

Here are a few pics from our trip to Yogurtology with the Cherrick ladies...


Scottsdale Moms Blog - Rejoicing in your Spirited Child

Apr 19, 2010

In today's Flies Blend post over at Scottsdale Moms Blog, read three tips in Rejoicing in my your Spirited Child. One of which is learning to become a spirited mom :)


Steph's Pick - Cupcake Vineyards Wine

Apr 15, 2010

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the lookout for a brand of wine that is yummy tasting and under $10/bottle (oh - and the label being cute would be a bonus too!)

So you can imagine my excitement when a friend (hey Laura!) told me that she really likes the Cupcake Vineyards brand wines. She had me at cupcake.

Seriously. CUPCAKE Vineyards? What could be better? And cuter?

If I wouldn't have been home alone with a sleeping baby I would have dashed to the nearest liquor store. I was that excited. Really.

So my next trip to grocery store I scoured the wine aisles for this wine and was thoroughly excited when I found a bottle of Cupcake Vineyards Merlot. And look at what they write on the back of their Merlot --"Decadent layers of rich black cherry, supple mocha and wonderfully sweet oak mingles into a plush, full finish. In other words: Sinful." The label goes on to recommend serving with molten lava cake drizzled with dark chocolate and finishes with, "Cupcake: Permission to enjoy dessert first." Well, who can argue with that? And for you white wine drinkers I've heard the Chardonnay is the best.

Check it out today. I'm willing to bet a glass of the Merlot with this would be heavenly.


The Flies Blend on Bambina Babe

Apr 14, 2010

In last week's Flies Blend post at Bambina Babe, check out my contribution to Nealy's 10 Ways to Beautify Your Blog series where I outline How to Make a Picture Collage.

Thanks to Nealy for inviting me to guest post :)


picnic with the girls

Apr 13, 2010

I love this time of year in AZ. The evenings are still cool(er) and the days perfect for picnics and swimming. Which is exactly what we did this past Friday. Nora and I met up with Joy and Reagan to enjoy the park nearby and breathe in some fresh air as we all know our cooler days are numbered (booo....)


Steph's Pick - DIY BabyLegs

Apr 9, 2010

Remember this post? Well Nora (and mom) still can't get enough of BabyLegs. However, their not so easy on the budget. At about $12/each these are some expensive leg warmers :)

Fear not, I have some VERY crafty and gifted friends who have come to the rescue (phew...) Allie managed to post a DIY tutorial of how to make your own babylegs out of women's knee high socks - so fun, huh???!!!

What's even better is that Target came to the rescue (again) and has a large selection of $2 women's knee highs (see top pic). So a couple weeks ago I picked up 4 pairs and headed to my friend, Sara's place to make Nora four new pairs of BabyLegs. Thanks to some help from Sara and her good ole Singer Sewing machine we completed these during Nora's nap. Yipee...
Check out Allie's Tutorial (and be sure to take a look at some pics of her sweet little Reese)


Nora meets Pava

Apr 8, 2010

Sorry about having to crank your neck to watch this videa :)

Nora just LOVES dogs. Its so funny. I think if we had a dog she wouldn't be sad ever... seriously. Too bad we live in a second floor condo... not exactly the ideal dog friendly home.

Maybe sometime'll have to ask your dad sure to use your sad face...that should work ;)


Easter and an Anniversary celebration in San Antonio

Apr 7, 2010

we spent the past weekend in San Antonio

with family to celebrate the 60th anniversary of my Gpa and Gma T (look at how cute they are!)

At Christmas my grandparents were given a gift of a trip to San Antonio. Unknowingly to them we would all be joining them to help them celebrate :) Here's our group at their 60th anniversary dinner...

we spent the weekend resting poolside, sharing great family memories, laughing together, eating yummy food (always my favorite when traveling!)...

watching the Final Four (go DUKE!)...
and watching the little munchkin do a little of this (see video in previous post)...

Read more... out world...

Apr 5, 2010 comes Nora...


Steph's Pick - DIY Baby Tee's

Apr 1, 2010

What is it about cute fabric that makes me smile??? :)
Here's a VERY simple DIY that I did for Nora just last week.

What you need....
- small pieces of fabric
- animal image (mine is a bird) to trace
- sewing machine
- button(s) for eye(s)

Here's what you do....
- print out animal image to serve as a stencil and cut it out
- trace stencil on fabric and cut fabric (I used 2 pieces of fabric for this birdie, 1 for the body and 1 for the wing)
- with zigzag stitch slowly sew animal to tshirt
- attach button(s)
- tada!!!! you've got yourself your very own DIY Baby Tee

Soooooo cute! See previous post for pics of Nora Baby modeling the finished product.

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