Steph's Pick - Resource Updates: Beaba Babycook & SkipHop's Studio Diaper Tote

Apr 30, 2010

Thanks Kristi (check our her blog - she's a hilarious writer!) for asking me to write an update on some of the items I posted about earlier but at that time had yet to use.

{Product 1 - Diaper Bag}
Remember this post? For those who need a refresher, back in February 2009 I was so excited about our pregnancy with Nora that I immediately started looking for the perfect diaper bag. You know - the kind of diaper bag that's cute yet functional. (alright - maybe more cute than functional) After much research I settled on Skip Hop's Studio Diaper Tote in Champagne and couldn't wait to tell all our AlanandSteph readers about it. But at the time I was months away from using it.

After 10 months of use this bag has lived up to my expectations. It's still cute (yipee!) and carries a TON of stuff. There are so many pockets for everything every momma needs to carry around. I know of at least 5 friends who have the same bag and who also love it! So all in all - 5 stars! *****

{Product 2 - Beaba Babycook}

Right at the beginning of starting to make Nora's baby food I was just too excited not to post about my new-found kitchen gadget. In November I posted here about the Beaba Babycook. As ya'll probably know by now - I'm a wanna-be foodie, which is probably why this was such a fun gift for me to receive (thanks again Tom & Jane). Now 5 months into making baby food I feel like I can finally give it a decent review.

The Beaba Babycook is a little glimpse into all of the great things God has in store for us in heaven (yes - I'm hoping that I will still cook in heaven :)). Seriously. I have loved every part of this little gadget. Between being a working mom, doing cloth diapers and doing everything else I do - My little Beaba has been a life-saver. Now do I think it's totally necessary - no. I have plenty of friends who make their own baby food using a simple blender or Magic Bullet. But for me it has been awesome. It's so simple. You steam and puree in the same container. My only "beef" - the pricetag. Although I can't complain - it was a gift!!!

I wish I had pictures of the whole process... sorry. This is what Nora's food (blueberries and mangoes) look like after steaming, pureeing and freezing them and before heating them up and feeding them to Nora-bora.

Here's the after picture....


Jeff, Kristina, and baby Luke Hepting said...

she is so sweet!! I can't believe how big she is getting!
okay so i am curious as to why you don't use your stroller straps that are part of the diaper bag?

Kiki said...

Thanks for the update! I'm thinking that's the one. And I think the new one now has the stroller clips.

And so glad you showed a cute, smiling Nora for an after shot of that food and not a dirty diaper, because that was exactly what my mind thought of!

alan and steph said...

so.... I'm obviously a little slow....there are stroller straps to the Skip Hop Diaper Bag. I just didn't know about them. :) Glad to find this out 10 months into the process :)

nick&abby said...

I forget about the stroller straps ALL the time until we've been walking for a bit and I'm like "I don't remember this being so annoying on the stroller..." and then it's like "oh yeah".... it's easier to forget about them b/c their hidden so well :)

shopgirl said...

This is just the sweetest photo! What a gorgous face! It's obvious that whatever she was eating was absolutely delicious!

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