on the road to....DC

Apr 30, 2009

whirl*wind [hwurl-wind, wurl-]
verb (used without object)
to move or travel quickly

It's official - I feel like I've been in a bit of a whirlwind lately. Not only am I preparing to head to DC tomorrow for a
Raising Truly Great Kids Event, but I just returned from another event in Minneapolis on Tuesday. That's a 3 day turn around (and I still managed to go to the grocery store!)
Regardless of the pace of the past couple weeks, I'm really thankful for God's provision during it. I feel like we're still moving forward in our preparations for our little lady to come into the world and I'm getting to be a part of an incredible work God is doing through our parenting conferences. What more could I ask for?
If you think of me this weekend, please do pray for safe/comfortable travels this weekend. Although this isn't my last trip while pregnant (my brother is getting married at the end of the month), it is my last work trip.

Note: For those of you who may have thought that the above picture might possibly be me - think again!
Here's the top 5 reasons why it definetly is not me.
5) I don't travel that lightly. One carry on bag - seriously!? For those of you who know me, I have enough hair product to fill a carry on.
4) My mid-section does not look that good (ever). I'm 7.5 months pregnant in case you forgot.
3) I've pretty much officially moved to flats for my footwear. Although those shoes are quite cute!
2) I don't own a pair of red heels. Much to my husband's surprise I'm sure.
1) When traveling I NEVER look that cute. EVER. Although I wish :)


the belly project...

Apr 20, 2009

Growing, growing and growing some more. Sorry it's taken me nearly 7 or so weeks to post another belly photo. One would think that it doesn't take all that much effort to take them but for some reason between being in the hospital, having guests in our home and flying to Iowa I've been a bit preoccupied. So, here's for all of you who have been wondering how she's growing...
Update on Mom - other than the very common pregnancy pains I'm feeling great! So much better than I was a couple of weeks back. Thanks to all of your prayer warriors out there. God really did do a miracle and we're all so thankful!


Steph's Pick - White Chocolate Raspberry Scones

Apr 17, 2009

I came across this AWESOME recipe awhile back on a friend of a friend's blog (yes - I realize that tags me as a blog staulker) and can't get enough of these little treats. I figured it was time to spread the love and share the recipe with ya'll.

Raspberrry-White Chocolate Scones
1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
3 Tbsp. sugar
2 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/3 c. firm butter or margarine
1 large egg, beaten
1/2 tsp almond extract
1/2 c. whipping cream
Additional whipping cream
3/4 cup frozen unsweetened raspberries
2/3 cup white baking chips

- Heat oven to 400 F.
- In a large bowl, mix flour, 3 Tbsp. sugar, baking powder and salt. Cut in butter, using pastry blender until mixture looks like fine crumbs.
- In a smaller bowl beat the eggs. Stir in whipping cream and extract.
- Add raspberries and white chips to the dry ingredients.
- Stir in wet ingredients to dry until mixed.
- Place dough on ungreased cookie sheet. Roll or pat dough into an 8-inch circle. Cut into 8 wedges. Brush with whipping cream and sprinkle with sugar.
- Bake for 18-23 min. or until golden brown. Allow to cool for a short time. Carefully seperate wedges and remove from cookie sheet. Serve warm.


steph's pick - hanky pankys

Apr 10, 2009

Alright - I'll admit, this might be a strange "Steph's Pick" choice considering the fact that it's Good Friday :) But it's actually something that I've been contemplating posting over the past year or so but always wondered if it was appropriate. As I was watching Regis and Kelly this morning Kelly started talking about her favorite kind of underwear and sure enough - it was Hanky Pankys. She went on and on about how much she loves them and even had Regis put on a pair. So - that put me over the edge.
All that to say - my Steph's Pick this week is my favorite kind of underwear - Hanky Pankys. Now some might wonder how someone could love a certain kind of underwear so much - but believe me when I say - they are well worth the hype (and the price tag). I've found them in various boutiques around Phoenix but I also know that they're available at Nordstrom's (Nordstrom's Rack - half price) as well as Costco on special occassions.
They really are the best. I personally like their thongs the best - I was never a thong lover before finding these. The Hanky Panky thong is the most comfortable (one-size fits all) pair of underwear you could ever own. And they're pretty sexy too! Pick up a pair (or two) today.


on the road to Iowa...and an update...

Apr 8, 2009

I apologize for the lack of blogging I've done lately. I'm hoping that you can give me a little grace as we've had a couple tough weeks in our home. Regardless, I wanted to send an update on the previous weeks happenings - hopefully this is a final update on all my fun medical problems :)
Last Wednesday, after a combination of chiropractic appointments and God's hand (obviously more God) I woke up with virtually no pain in my low right back. It was amazing. I didn't quite even know what to think so I took one more pain pill just to hopefully prevent the pain from coming back. But it hasn't!!! Although I have definetly had some uncomfortable times over the past few days it has been nothing in comparison to what the pain was like a week ago. Praise God!
Needless to say I left Phoenix on Thursday morning and traveled to Iowa. My best friends wedding went extremely well and I was so thankful to be there and be a part of it. Congrats to the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Nate Eagles! We love you!
I was blessed to be able to spend the night with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and our new niece, Adelyn, on Saturday night and on Sunday morning we got up and made our way to Mt. Vernon for my first baby shower. My mom and going to be sister-in-law, Amy, hosted the shower for me and it went by flawlessly. It was so fun to be able to celebrate this incredible gift God has blessed Alan and I with. It made me even more excited to meet our little one come this summer.
I'm now back in Phoenix and back at work.
Thank you for all of your concern and prayers! I'm so grateful for each one of you.

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