a rough week

Mar 29, 2009

One might say that we've had a fairly rough week around the Flies household. After returning from a great conference in Lancaster, PA, last Sunday my back started to ache a bit and this small pain quickly turned into a debilitating pain that has launched us into a roller coaster of a ride.
After taking a couple days off from work I finally made my way to my OB's for some medication for the pain. After taking this medication for awhile with no luck we had no choice but to head into the ER on Tuesday evening for a more extensive look into what might be causing my pain. After spending the night in the hospital it was concluded that I was more than likely passing a kidney stone. They dismissed me and asked me to wait until it passed.
On Thursday I had another appointment with my doctor. After discussing my situation further with him he suggested I see an urologist which would only happen if I were admitted into the hospital. I was admitted on Thursday afternoon and just discharged last night. Throughout our time in the hospital we had a MRI done which concluded that it wasn't kidney stones after all but my uterus was sitting on one of my ureters which was causing my low right back considerable amount of pain.
So that's the story of my first hospital experience. I thought for sure I wouldn't be visiting the Family Birthing Center until our precious little girl came into this world, but my plans were obviously not God's. Right now we're praying for a small miracle and would ask that you would also do the same. My pain is still quite strong and I'm on heavy medication. Please join with us in praying for my uterus to lift off my ureter and the pain to go away.


Steph's Pick - a Clothing Swap

Mar 18, 2009

Attention all you ladies who like a good bargain for new(ish) clothing! If you haven't participated in a Clothing Swap party, now is the time to host one! Some of my friends and I hosted our very first clothing swap party this past weekend and it was a blast! There's nothing better than getting rid of some of the clothes you have sitting around and getting some "new" clothes for FREE!
To give you a better idea of what a clothing swap is read the text I included on the evite we sent out:

You have a closet full of clothes but can't ever seem to find anything to wear. Before you hit the mall and spend a lot of money, try a clothes swap party! You and your friends can exchange used clothing and adopt great new looks without opening a wallet. Come join a group of Phoenix area gals for tea time and our first official Clothing Swap.
In order for the Clothing Swap to be a success here are a couple of logistics:
- Go through your own closet to pull out the clothes/accessories (no shoes please) you no longer wear. Include only clothing that someone can still wear in your clothes swap pile (if an item is questionable it probably means you shouldn't bring it). Please limit the amount of clothing/accessories you bring to 8 items.
- Wash, press and hang the garments so everyone can easily see the clothes for swapping.
- Arrange to have your items dropped off at Steph's House the weekend of March 7th. Whether it's you or a friend who invited you who drops them off, this will give us some time to organize everything for the party.

Looking forward to it!! We hope you can join us.

Try a Clothing Swap this spring! I can guarantee you won't leave empty-handed. For more specific info of how to organize a party of your own feel free to contact me.


Steph's Pick - Menu Planning

Mar 13, 2009

Upon getting married and moving to Arizona I started getting in the habit of going to the grocery store at least 4-5x a week. I'd decide each day what I wanted to make that evening and I'd stop by Basha's to pick everything up. Although the grocery store was literally across the street from our first apartment I felt like I spent more time at the grocery store than doing things that I loved to do. After about 6 months of this and a thorough analysis of our budget I knew I needed to make some changes to my grocery shopping plans.
Since then I go to the grocery store once a week (generally on Sundays) and I always bring my list in hand. My list is formulated as I sit down that day and plan my menu for the week. This has helped me tremendously in multiple ways. First, I spend far much less time going to and from the grocery store (you know time=money). Second, I feel more prepared to cook for our family when I know what I've planned for that evening's meal. Finally, we are saving way more money - and in these economic times that is something to celebrate!

So ladies, it's as simple as that! I realize this may not be revolutionary to many of you - but it was to me! I'm appreciating the benefits of this specific home-tip more than I'll probably ever know.

For the very cute Menu Planning document shown below
Click Here.


Shiloh & Ian's Wedding

Mar 12, 2009

This past Saturday I got to play a small role in a local wedding. I was technically Ian and Shiloh's wedding coordinator - although as many of you know, I certainly don't do that for a living. Regardless, what an honor that they would entrust their big day into my hands.
What an incredible day it turned out to be! The love Ian and Shiloh have for one another and for the Lord Almighty is such an inspiration for all who know them. I know I personally felt very privileged to be able to witness the unification of these two and their families.
I just couldn't resist posting some of the photos that both photographers have posted on their blogs.
Jeanette LeBlanc and Maggie McDonald - you girls hit it out of the ballpark! You captured the day so beautifully. These photos will help Ian and Shiloh and their families remember this day for the next 50+ years. Thank you!



Mar 9, 2009

I know... can you believe it? Two Posts in one day!! I'm getting a little too carried away. Well - last week was incredibly busy as I was the wedding coordinator for a local wedding here. I'll be sure to post more about that later. Needless to say, I haven't gotten around to posting much.
Nevertheless, here is a 22 week belly update. I'm still trying to figure out if I like the photos with the belly uncovered or covered. For this week it will be covered :) The baby is growing.... along with her mom!
This months fruit that resembles how big Baby Flies is = papaya!


Steph's Pick - My GoodReads

Amidst all of the busyness in our lives I've gotten a chance to read some great books and thought it was time to bring back another "Steph's Goodreads" list. In no particular order...

1. The Real Deal Guide to Pregnancy by Erika Lenkert. Hilarious pregnancy book! I just can't get enough of reading it. Although maybe not the most exhaustive in its information, it's a light-hearted read for any woman going through the fantastic 40-ish weeks called "pregnancy."
2. Escape by Carolyn Jessup. Although quite disturbing, this is one of the most interesting books I've read in awhile. It's Carolyn's personal and touching story of escaping the FLDS radical sect.
3. Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Some might disagree with the fact that I'm even reading these teenybopper, vampire sucking tales but as much as I hate to admit it, they're pretty good!
4. The Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. Alright, I'll admit it, I have yet to even read this book - but it would be Alan's top pick if he were doing an "Alan's Goodreads." It's on my list of books to read and I'm really hoping to get to it sooner than later.
5. Deliver This by Marisa Cohen. Again, another very informative pregnancy book on the deliver options available. Not only does it give a closer glimpse into all techniques, it also dives into why the author suggests women choose the option they do. Super intriguing.

As the sun becomes warmer in AZ I'm sure I'll have another Goodreads list in a couple of months as one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to sit by the pool with an ice-cold margarita (this summer my drink of choice will be water) and a good book in hand. Cheers to great-reads!


it's a....

Mar 3, 2009

Well - it's as official as it's going to be at this stage :) We recently had a couple ultrasounds with a friend and had our ultrasound at the doctors office this week and all predictions have come back the same - Baby Flies is a GIRL! Now I realize that this can certainly change over the next months but right now I'm dreaming of all of the cute pink things for our little baby girl.
I've already bought a couple things for the nursery. We can't wait!!

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