a rough week

Mar 29, 2009

One might say that we've had a fairly rough week around the Flies household. After returning from a great conference in Lancaster, PA, last Sunday my back started to ache a bit and this small pain quickly turned into a debilitating pain that has launched us into a roller coaster of a ride.
After taking a couple days off from work I finally made my way to my OB's for some medication for the pain. After taking this medication for awhile with no luck we had no choice but to head into the ER on Tuesday evening for a more extensive look into what might be causing my pain. After spending the night in the hospital it was concluded that I was more than likely passing a kidney stone. They dismissed me and asked me to wait until it passed.
On Thursday I had another appointment with my doctor. After discussing my situation further with him he suggested I see an urologist which would only happen if I were admitted into the hospital. I was admitted on Thursday afternoon and just discharged last night. Throughout our time in the hospital we had a MRI done which concluded that it wasn't kidney stones after all but my uterus was sitting on one of my ureters which was causing my low right back considerable amount of pain.
So that's the story of my first hospital experience. I thought for sure I wouldn't be visiting the Family Birthing Center until our precious little girl came into this world, but my plans were obviously not God's. Right now we're praying for a small miracle and would ask that you would also do the same. My pain is still quite strong and I'm on heavy medication. Please join with us in praying for my uterus to lift off my ureter and the pain to go away.


Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Oh, Steph! I'll be praying for you!

Christy said...

How scary!! Glad baby is doing okay. Will definitely be praying for you both.

Meyers_in_China said...

yes indeed! YOu got it!!!!!

Meyers_in_China said...

hey how are you all! Please update!

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