a very Merry Christmas & a baby shower

Dec 27, 2008

This past week we had the privilege of being with our families in MN and IA to celebrate Christmas. It was such a blessing to be able to be with them during this very special time of the year. Our trip consisted of time with Dad and Ellen in MN, a road-trip to IA with Mom, Sara and Kyle, a baby shower for Baby Girl Flies (see photos below), some must needed R&R in Ankeny at Nick and Abby's home, brunch at the Machine Shed with Uncle Terry, Aunt Kathy, Gma Lebo, Todd and Rachel and the rest of the Flies clan, a fabulous dinner at Aunt Peggy's with Gma and Gpa Triggs and the Triggs family (including soon to be family, Amy Kastanek), spending the day with Gma and Gpa Folkerts in Mt. Vernon, a quick visit with HS friends, Kiri, Liz and Aaron, Christmas Eve at CBC in MV and some great home-cooking and rest with Mom and Dad Triggs. It really was a great week - and most certainly a VERY Merry Christmas!


a P. Diddy White Out Christmas Party

Dec 15, 2008

Our dear friends, Mike and Michelle, hosted their 2nd annual Christmas party this past weekend. The theme was a P. Diddy White Out Party. By the picture I'm sure you can see what dress instructions were :) Mike and Michelle are great hosts -there was delicious food and drinks and great trivia games. It was a ton of fun!
The photo is of most of our small group (minus one couple).


Steph's Pick - a White Christmas!

Dec 5, 2008

It's been 4 years since I moved to AZ. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I've lived in the desert that long. Although we love a ton of things about Arizona there are some things that we most certainly miss about the midwest. (Especially during this time of year.)
Specifically this past weekend as we decorated our home for Christmas I glanced out our glass door to see that the temperature was 75 degrees!!!! Can you believe it? 75 degrees just does nothing for my Christmas spirit.
Well this year we are blessed to be able to see both of our families over the holidays. We'll be in Minnesota and Iowa. And believe it or not, I'm praying for lots of snow!!! I can't wait to wear my Uggs, my winter jacket (which I only ever get out when traveling), and bundel up with a cup of hot cider and a good book. Here's to a White Christmas!!!

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