Steph's Pick - DIY BabyLegs

Apr 9, 2010

Remember this post? Well Nora (and mom) still can't get enough of BabyLegs. However, their not so easy on the budget. At about $12/each these are some expensive leg warmers :)

Fear not, I have some VERY crafty and gifted friends who have come to the rescue (phew...) Allie managed to post a DIY tutorial of how to make your own babylegs out of women's knee high socks - so fun, huh???!!!

What's even better is that Target came to the rescue (again) and has a large selection of $2 women's knee highs (see top pic). So a couple weeks ago I picked up 4 pairs and headed to my friend, Sara's place to make Nora four new pairs of BabyLegs. Thanks to some help from Sara and her good ole Singer Sewing machine we completed these during Nora's nap. Yipee...
Check out Allie's Tutorial (and be sure to take a look at some pics of her sweet little Reese)


Janel said...

Jayla and I ADORE baby legs too! Luckily Grandma knows how to sew and she has been delighted to hand-make Jayla her latest pair! Your creations look great!!!!

Brian and Allie said...

The only thing missing is sweet Nora with some babylegs!!! Glad this was a success. Love you guys!

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