Steph's Pick - a Diaper Bag

Feb 13, 2009

Alright - I have a confession - the very first baby item that I purchased was a diaper bag! Upon finding out that we would be adding to our family of 2 this coming summer I immediatly started thinking "Where am I going to find a cute/stylish diaper bag!?" I feel like I'm already off to a bad start with this mom thing! I know this may be the last thing on some of your lists in preparing for the birth of your first child but for the purse-lover in me I couldn't help but think that most of the diaper bags I have seen were just not cute. Just as I wouldn't want to go through the next few year's with any ugly purse - I wasn't about to do it with an ugly diaper bag :)
So I started my search early and was recommended by a friend to check out Skip Hop's options. Which is exactly what I did. And sure enough - I found a fairly gender neutral, cute and somewhat affordable bag that I actually liked. I bought it right away. I went with the
Skip Hop's Studio Diaper Tote but they have plenty of other options.
For you moms out there looking for either a new diaper bag or your very first diaper bag, I'd totally suggest a Skip Hop Bag. I also found a great article on with some other fun idea's. Check it out for yourselves!


Michelle said...

It took me EIGHT months to find the PERFECT diaper bag! :) There's another site called just fyi.

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

This is the exact bag I've been convincing Drew to let me buy!

J and J Masson said...

i hated all of the diaper bags out there. i found a backpack one that i used mostly for trips etc. otherwise, i just used a purse! :) i mean, it was slightly bigger than my old ones, but really, all i needed when renae was little was a few diapers, 1 change of cloths and some wips. that all fit in a purse for me. then when i dropped her off at the nursery, i could just take a diaper out, write her name on it, and give that to them so i could keep the purse. it may sound weird, but it worked for me. baby's don't really need as much as we think they need :)

greg & amy said...

What do you need a diaper bag for? You already have plenty of cadillac purses that are the perfect size for a generous diaper bag! hahahah

Jeff, Kristina, and baby Luke Hepting said...

How funny... I just bought the skip hop bag! Which color did you get?! :)

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