on the road in...Edmonton

Feb 10, 2009

Wow! I'm already officially behind. The weekend following my time in Vancouver, Alan and I were both able to travel with Family Matters to Edmonton, Alberta. This trip, together with my time in Vancouver, amounted to a total of 8 days out of 14 in Canada!!! I think they should consider granting me citizenship (especially with their 1 year maternity policy!!!).
Regardless, we were in Edmonton for a large Canadian Christian Conference called Breakforth Canada. It was a great event - a huge success for our ministry - and I'm confident thousands of people were influenced by the incredible musicians and speakers that were there.
Next up... our time in the Midwest. Stay tuned :)


Meyers_in_China said...

so fun! Love all the pics. So fun to be an Auntie!

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