on the road in...IOWA

Feb 12, 2009

(Disclaimer: I realize this photo I am using to portray Iowa is so over-the-top typical but I couldn't find anything that illustrated my home state any better)
This past weekend we were finally able to travel to Iowa to see our little niece, Adelyn. Both of us have been so anxious to see her and couldn't wait to spend some good quality snuggling hours with this little 4-week old! This is exactly what we did. We were there Thursday - Sunday and during that time we played (as much as a newborn can play), fed, changed diapers, ate and slept with this little punkin and her incredible mom and dad. We tried to be as helpful as possible while there and always kept in the back of our minds that we'd be traveling back to our newborn-free home in a couple of days where we'd be able to get plenty of rest (at least for a few more months). Below you'll find some photos I took of the baby and the new family.

We love you three!


Janel said...

She is sooooo sweet. I LOVE snugglin!

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