happy easter - what?

May 5, 2010

Now I'd expect one to forgive me if this were baby #3 or #4.... but on baby #1???!!! Come on. Let's back up.

As those who've been reading AlanandSteph know, we were in San Antonio for Easter weekend. So needless to say, we didn't get Nora all dressed up for Easter (frankly - I didn't event think about it). Rather than going to church we were enjoying our small 1'x1' spaces on Southwest. But what kind of mom doesn't take Easter photos (even if a couple days late) of her first born in an Easter dress? THIS mom I guess.

So I finally got her dressed up earlier this week (thanks Gma and Gpa T for the cute dress) and took some photos. I figure in 5 years when I'm looking through her baby book I won't even remember that the pictures were taken a month later :) Yes - you read that right. I'm totally planning on putting these pictures under the Easter portion.

Here's to good intentions and pretty dresses...


Jeff, Kristina, and Luke Hepting said...

I think I was hoping to have Luke dressed in something festive for every holiday his first year... didn't happen! :) Nora is just precious, Steph! I LOVE her sweet dress!

Bambina Babe said...

Ha! That's hilarious. So I guess then you can't get mad if you're b-day present's late, right?!? ;) Well it shouldn't be 'cause I mailed it today.

Love the pictures!


nick&abby said...

you crack me up!
Addy has the bubble romper in the same sunflower... I LOVE those sunflowers!
so cute!
I'm still working on getting Nick and Addy out to Phoenix in a few weeks...not going over very well, though...
Adelyn thinks her Uncle and Cousin need to come here ;)

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