Wine Country Getaway

May 26, 2010

A GETAWAY!!! Yes, yes, indeed! Just remembering our recent getaway makes me grin ear-to-ear.

The month of May has brought a lot to celebrate in our home. Our 27th Birthday's, Alan's graduation and our upcoming 5th anniversary were great reason to get out of AZ and leave Nora at home with Gma and Gpa T (thanks again!). Because we'd never been to Wine Country we thought that would be PERFECT!

Luckily my dear friend, Jess, and her hubby Nate live in The Bay Area so we were able to spend Day 1 with them along the coast. Aren't they soooo cute :)

And on Day 2 we were off to Napa. First Stop - Frog's Leap Winery - where we had a little of this...

and relaxed a bit on their FABULOUS patio...really it was soooo awesome...

We then proceeded to get lunch at Dean and Deluca's and rushed to Del Dotto for a Barrel Tasting Tour in their gorgeous caves (so fun!).

Day 3 - Sonoma - started out at the Fremont Diner. Ladies (and gents) - this is one of the cutest places I've ever been to. If you're planning a trip to Wine Country any time soon please stop here. You'll love it! It's right on the way from Napa to Sonoma but easy to miss - so keep your eyes peeled.

After our awesome breakfast we checked out a couple different wineries - two of which were Arrowood Vineyard and Chateau St. Jean.

We finished our last day with a few more wineries (yes - we know). One of which was the Benziger Winery which was suggested to us at another winery and said to be the best tour in Sonoma. That it was! The folks at Benziger were very informative. They are a Biodynamic Winery which pretty much means they are as green as wineries can get. They use no chemicals in the farming of their grapes and reuse pretty much everything. It's very interesting.

So that's it. Getting away really can do great things for the soul. So long Napa and Sonoma.... till next time.


Brian and Allie said...

I love the picture of you on the patio at Forg's leap...1) because your a beautiful :) and 2) because you look like a boozer with all your wine glasses:) I know, I were just tasting!

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