Steph's Pick - Viva Towels

May 28, 2010

Alrighty ladies (and gents - if there are any of you even reading this blog) - my aunt introduced me to Viva Towels probably about 10 years ago now and I have yet to buy another brand of paper towels since. Really - they are THAT amazing!

Now I know what some of you are thinking..."Viva Towels are some of the most expensive paper towels!" And you're right. They certainly are not the cheapest. So it might be hard for some of you to want to spend more money on something you'll throw away after one use. But hear me out...

Why do I like them? Well, they are more cloth-like (aka super-duper soft), more durable and extremely convenient for everything from scrubbing the kitchen to washing your hands and face. And if I were to be totally honest, they are some of the only non-design paper towels I've found. You know me - I like simple clean-lines. Nothing crazy.

So that's it...this may not be the most exciting Steph's Pick in the world... but it makes my home just a little bit nicer to live in.

Looking for something a little more exciting than paper towels? Check out this video I posted on Scottsdale Moms Blog earlier this week.


Katie and Bret said...

AMEN!!!!!!! I have been in love with these towels since college and I never buy any other kind of paper towels.

J and J Masson said...

VIVA paper towels are ALSO a must have for cake decorating. if you are doing a butter cream frosting, but want a smooth look, use viva paper towels-lay a sheet over a section of the cake and gently rub with a plastic smoother. do this section by section until the cake is smooth. works like a charm . . but only with VIVA!

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