Steph's Pick - ♥ peanut butter cups ♥

Sep 18, 2009

Have I ever told you how much I love peanut butter and chocolate? Well - I do!! I stumbled across this unbelievable cake and have been dreaming of the perfect occassion to make it. One of our friends fondly calls me his "treat-master." His birthday is in a couple of weeks. I figured what better time to try out this recipe? I'll have to let you know how things go. Until then... you can bet I'm dreaming of pounds and pounds of peanut butter cups.... :)

Delicious! YUM!


jamie said...

oh steph i'm totally making this

Annie said...

It's posts like this one that make me KNOW THAT I KNOW that you are awesome!!! LOL

When you get a chance, maybe you and Miss Nora can head over to my blog. Gave you guys a little blog love and an award!!


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