Lots of Visitors

Sep 7, 2009

I've always really appreciated the people God's put in my life, but I never knew really how much I would appreciate my family and friends until after Nora's birth. All of our family and friends stepped up to the plate in a big way - many of them flying in after her birth to help for a few days. All of these people came with helping hands, lots of love to give the baby and eager hearts. Here's to willing servants and loads of extra kisses.

Note: You may notice that I have a picture of my best friend's husband, Nate, but none of Jess. No - Nate didn't come without Jess. I just didn't get a picture of our little girl with Jess :(
AND - we still have more visitors (believe it or not). My good friend, Nealy, and her little one, Callie, are coming in a couple of weeks. Nora's grandpa, Ray, will be here in October along with two sets of Nora's great-grandparents in October and December.


Meyers_in_China said...

always fun! I remember once you said your Mom's hair went from curly to straight once she had kids. How is your hair? Why do I care? Why do I remember these random things? Yikes!

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