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Sep 2, 2009

So... Allie so graciously reminded me of another "First" that she thought I just had to include in my previous "Top 5 Nora/Mom Firsts of the Week." Not sure how I could have forgotten this... I'll attribute it to "new mom brain."

Without further ado..
6. First Major Blow-Out in Public
Last Thursday, Nora and I decided it was time to get out of the house and run a quick errand. Because I had a gift card to use at Babies "R" Us I thought that would be the perfect place to go. We got all ready to go and had gotten situated in the cart, ready to do our shopping, when I heard some serious Rumble down Under. :) I obviously knew what was happening and thought to myself, "Well, hopefully it's not too bad and I can pick up a few things real quick and head home." (I know - I'm a bad mom) Unforunately that was not in the plans for either of us as I soon saw Nora's onesie change to a whole new color.
At this point I knew I needed to make a beeline to the bathroom. Now you know you're a mom when you find yourself wondering what the changing table conditions will be :) I had high hopes as I thought Babies "R" Us surely would have nice accomodations - boy was I wrong!
So I took my screaming little baby into the bathroom to try and clean her up as best as possible. Of course she proceeded to kick her little legs through the mess making the clean up even worse. After at least 5 minutes of clean up (note: although clean, Nora was still screaming) I finally got her in her new diaper and onesie and in the carseat. And to close out the event, after one minute of being in the car seat, she had one of those nasty curdy spit-ups. What a great outing!!! So much for a clean onesie :)


Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

One of the first times I took Sage out, we were at McDonalds (with cousins) and he blew out, while I was changing him. It was on the wall, all over the changing thing, nasty.

Nick&Abby Flies said...

honestly, Adelyn has NOT had a nasty public blow out in the 8 months she's been that I said that though... :)

Brian and Allie said...

And what did you buy with said gift card :)

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