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Aug 30, 2009

For those of you who have been asking for a Nora/Mom update I thought I'd make it a little more interesting by providing you with 2 "Top 5 Lists." The first will be a list of 5 products that I've found extremely helpful over the past 7 weeks. And the second will be a list outlining the "Top 5 Firsts of the Week." So without further ado...

Top 5 Nora/Mom Products

1. Itzbeen - See previous post on this one. It's been a life-saver.
2. Burp Cloths - I gotta say, I didn't see this one coming! I had no idea how many burp cloths we would go through. I feel like I'm always washing them! Some of my favorite burp cloths are shown below. However, these run at a fairly expensive (in my opinion) rate of 3 for $20. Instead, one of my friends offered to sew some fabric on to my already purchased cloth diapers that I had planned on using for burp cloths. They turned out awesome! Check out her blog for specifics on how to do this!
3. Earth Mama, Angel Baby Natural Nipple ButterBelieve it or not - my dad actually picked this up for me while he was in AZ. He had heard that I was having some soreness and thought I might want to try it. Believe me when I say - I love this stuff at least 10x better than the standard nipple cream/gel
4. - I posted about this awhile back but just had to make note of it again b/c it's just amazing! My friends and family all came together to sign-up to bring us meals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 7 weeks straight!!! I couldn't believe their generousity. Thank you everyone for providing such incredible food for us during this time!

5. And last but not least - our two key ingredients to a good night's sleep (for Nora that is - and mom and dad for that matter) - a swaddle and sound machine! The swaddle we've been using is the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe from Babies "R" Us; however, because we have a squirmer of a baby I just ordered The Miracle Blanket. We'll see how it works :)
And then our sound machine. Who knows how much this really helps, but since day one we've been using white noise during her naps and the evenings as we heard that it's supposed to help. We even picked up The Sleep Sheep (see below) for easy transport.

Top 5 Nora/Mom "Firsts" of the Week
1. Fluke or not - Nora rolled over. Stomach to Back. I couldn't believe it!
2. Leakage Galore - I leaked through my first shirt! How embarrassing!
3. Date Night - Alan and I went on our first date night (not including the times out when our parents watched Nora - that didn't seem to count as much). Thanks Brandon and Brittany! We went to Postino's on Central and LOVED every minute of it. Although we did miss our little princess.
4. Cloth Diapers - Now I certainly realize that everyone has their own opinions on cloth diapers. We decided to give it a try and just started this weekend! Things seem to be going well.
5. Church Nursery - After successfully making it to church 4 times since Nora's birth, we unforunately had to leave an hour or so into the service b/c of various reasons. So.... Nora's first church nursery experience will be next week! We got her card and are ready to be able to sit through a service without our little punkin' making a scene :)
That's it for now! Till next time...


Bambina Babe said...

Fun post! I've never heard of that nipple butter...sounds interesting!

And wow, she rolled over! That's amazing! Can't wait to meet her!

Jen said...

I'm a MAJOR fan of The Miracle Blanket. Abram has used it every night and every nap of his life (minus some naps in the car). He loves it! I keep his legs out of it now because once his legs were strong enough, he always kicked them out. I actually need to get another Miracle Blanket because it is hard to get his washed before he needs it again! I hope you like yours.

Also, I love my BumGenius cloth diapers! I have been using them for a month and it is going great! I even enjoy using them when we take weekend trips.

Hope mommy-hood is treating you well!

aaron and liz said...

Fun that you posted about the sleep sheep. I just received one on Friday from my coworker! I enjoyed talking with you yesterday. Liz

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