Steph's Pick - DIY Magnets

Aug 8, 2009

One of my dear friends in AZ, Amy, has been making these magnets for the past year and sending them as gifts. Magnets are one of those things that I hate to have to buy but can always use more of - especially cute one's! These specific one's always turn out so cute and so I decided to give them a try myself. They are soooo easy. Here's what you will need:

Items needed:
- Small round magnets (we found a 50+ pack at Michael's or any other craft store)
- Magazine/Decorative Paper cut outs for artwork
- Round Clear Rocks (again at any craft store)
- Gift Card tin for easy display
- Hot Glue Gun

1. Cut out numerous round artwork pieces
2. Hot glue artwork to rock and let dry
3. Hot glue magnet to back of rock and artwork
4. That's it!! Like I said - super easy, huh?

As with any of my DIY projects, if you decide to try your hand at them, please be sure to send us an email with a picture of your finished product. Happy Crafting...


Lauren said...

That is so cute, I am definitely going to have to try it. I always get so many good ideas from your blog. Love it!

The Bishop's said...

Steph- I stumbled on your blog from the Christy Rippey's (I don't even know her married name now, isn't that terrible!) Anyway, I LOVE your blog! I had no idea you were so creative! You inspire me to pump up the volume on my borning one! :)
ps-Nora is SOOOOO SWEET!

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