Steph's Pick - Vinturi Wine Aerator

Jun 25, 2010

Introducing my new bestie - the Vinturi Wine Aerator. Here's how we met...

Awhile back my dear friend Laura (hey girlie!) was over and I was complaining (again) about how wine seems to go bad so quickly after being opened. It seemed as if I'd open a bottle one night and go to get another glass 2 or 3 nights later and it just didn't taste the same. isn't cheap you know??!!! It was frustrating.

Well - Laura asked me if I'd seen a Wine Aerator. She said her and her hubby Phil are actually able to buy those large bottles of wine and keep them for up to 2 weeks. They just pour the wine through the aerator and it's practically like a new bottle of wine! WHAT??!!! I just didn't quite believe it...

Fast forward a couple weeks - my birthday - and surprise, surprise - Laura got me a Vinturi - YIPEE!!! I was soooo excited to try this puppy out.

Let me tell you ladies (and gents of course) - it really does work! So long to the days of dumping wine out - hello Mr. Vinturi. Where have you been all of my life?

Buy yours at Amazon or various local retailers sell it as well.


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