a little preview of Minnesota

Jun 13, 2010

We spent this past weekend hanging out with our family in Minnesota (miss you guys already!). Although I'd love to get into the details of how wonderful our time was, I'll leave that for another post. For now here's a little glimpse into our time away...

(Please forgive the crazy commentary and voice...it's a little weird)

and because I'd hate to leave out the newest and snuggliest addition to the family...meet Ella... our sweet little niece! More to come...don't worry!


Jeff, Kristina, and Luke Hepting said...

Is that YOUR voice?! ;) Just kidding. Very, very cute! Hopefully that brought on some good nap time for you! And Ella is precious.

nick&abby said...

we miss you we miss you we miss you!!

SassySmurf said...

Great shot of that little babe, I love it!

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