Steph's Pick - a Grilling Cheat Sheet

May 11, 2009

Grilling has always been one of our favorite ways to cook our meals. While growing up the summer months brought night after night of delicious meals from the grill. After moving to AZ we now spend most of the year grilling and actually try and avoid the grill as much as possible during the summer (imagine 100+ degree heat and an extremely hot grill - not too much fun).
Regardless, about a year back in my Real Simple magazine I came across a "Grilling Cheat Sheet" that we've found to be extremely helpful when trying to determine how long to grill a specific item. Just this weekend I bought some incredible filet's from Costco and we obviously wanted to cook them to perfection. We consulted our handy-dandy cheat sheet and they turned out perfect!
Download yours today from It's a life-saver.


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