Laura's "Something Blue" Bridal Shower

May 18, 2009

This was officially the weekend of showers (well - there were only two of them but it felt like a lot). On Friday evening I was blessed to be able to host a shower for my dear friend, Laura. She and her fiance, Phil, are getting married in South Dakota on July 18th. Because we won't be able to be there (baby due on the 12th) I knew I had to throw a great party to celebrate their upcoming wedding for all of her friends and family here in AZ.
Laura's "Something Blue" bridal shower was full of blue, blue and more blue! I was able to get my hands on a few Tiffany's boxes, a handful of giant diamond rings and loads of other great decorations. Her aunt, Michele, hosted the shower at her beautiful house and did all of the food and beverages (note: blue martini's in top left corner). Everything went so well. I hope Laura felt loved and honored by it all.


Laura said...

I felt SOOOOO loved! Thank you so much for the best shower ever!!!

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