baby Flies update

May 6, 2009

She keeps growing and growing and growing... For those of you who are always asking for more belly pictures - here you go! Here's me at 30 weeks - only 10 (ish) more to go.

And below you'll find a picture I'm sure I'll treasure forever - the going to be 5 generations of Triggs family members. To the far left is my grandmother and next to her my great-grandmother, then me and baby and lastly my dad to the far right. Note: My great-grandmother just turned 98 a couple weeks back! It was so fun to be able to see her while I was in Iowa.

And lastly - I just couldn't resist a "What size is our baby" photo. I'm a visual learner so these sorts of things help to put my uncomfortability into perspective :)


Janel said...

Wow- love the generations picture! So special to have 5 generations!

Brian and Allie said...

What is that- a pumpkin? And the floating baby is gone :) Like the new one!

Meyers_in_China said...

you are too cute! Enjoy Enjoy! And I still think giving birth is the best part!

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