Winter MOPS Newsletter Template

Dec 8, 2011

I wanted to share a little something with all of you wonderful readers out there (hi mom, mil, gma's x4 and aunts).

I just finished up putting together a little newsletter for our local MOPS group that I thought you all might enjoy reading as well. It's full of lots of great Christmas thoughts and even includes a practical DIY Craft Idea.

Additionally, if you've found this blog because you're looking for a MOPS Newsletter Template - WELCOME!

I too spent a decent amount of time surfing the web looking for a somewhat simple yet contemporary MOPS Newsletter Template but was unable to find anything (boo). It was then that I vowed to share the template that I made with all of you lovely ladies! Because sharing is fun... at least that's what we tell our kids.

Unfortunately I created the template in Microsoft Publisher (gasp... I know... can you believe it? I'm such an Adobe lover... what was I thinking?) and am unable to upload the doc as a downloadable document.

So..... if you'd like to have the template I'd love to email to you. Email me at

Happy Reading!


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