In Our Home :: December (thus far)

Dec 18, 2011

For those of you who are just joining us... welcome!

Last week I launched a new series on our blog entitled In Our Home. In Our Home posts are a unique blend of the meaningful and inconsequential parts of our life. There will be things to make you giggle and things that will make you think. And of course lots of pics of our two sweet-as-can-be little girlies.

So here starts the second edition of In Our Home :: December (thus far).


I LOVE December. Everything about it. Sure, there's a decent amount of hustle and bustle BUT there is just sooo much fun to be had. From the never ending treat selection, to mailboxes stuffed with Christmas Cards sent with love from friends and family - what's not to love about this time of year?! There's beautiful Christmas music playing everywhere. There's lots of gifts to buy to express our love for one another. And specifically in our home, there's even a blow up Santa right next door that Nora insists on visiting every single night to say "Hi Santa!" and "Bye-Bye Santa!" (just. too. cute.)

Here are lots of pics (not exaggerating here) to give you a glimpse into our lives over the past few weeks as we anticipate the celebration of the birthday of King Jesus.

1) This year we decided to buy a Costco Christmas Trees (for $45 we thought "Why Not?!"). We're loving the yummy scent of evergreen that fills our home day in and day out.

2)& 3) Each day (it seems) I'm floored by how creative my friends are! Here are just a couple of pinterest inspired gifts that I've received over the past couple of weeks. Personalized coasters from Katie and the cutest little bag (for Nora) and coffee mug sleeve from Allie.

4) Doesn't this girl look just like her daddy?! I think so.

Our Annual Cookie Decorating Day was just this past weekend. This day has become a highly anticipated day in our home not only because we leave with all sorts of yummy cookies but because we get to spend time with our family.

A huge thank you to Aunt Jane and Uncle Tom for hosting each year. We're so thankful for your hospitality.

1) After spending a little time in a friend's outdoor playhouse I've officially put in a request to Papa Scott to make (or help make) the girls one ASAP. Nora loved it.

2) I'm not gonna lie... I'm a bit in love with my wrapping paper this year. Pinterest inspired of course. (from Hobby Lobby - in case you're curious)

3) & 4) This past weekend we decided to take the girls to Dave & Busters for a family outing. Nora was a bit too little to really play the games but she certainly wasn't too little to enjoy picking out her prizes. We left with a princess ball and an Angry Bird. Jackpot!

Scottsdale Bible Church held their annual Winterfest celebration this past week. Nora especially loved the petting zoo (see above pics of her petting the sheep and the miniature pig), the snow and the cookie decorating room (figures!).

So. Much. Fun.

And last but not least was Alan's work Christmas party at The Phoenix Zoo. Nora is constantly asking me to take her to the zoo so this was a great excuse to load up the car and go. On this specific trip she especially loved the giraffes, camel and riding the carousel.


Next up this week - a Disneyland Recap (yes... for serious).


Katie and Bret said...

Love the updates!!! Your girls are seriously adorable.

nick&abby said...

December rocks ;) wish we could be doing all the fun stuff with you!!! give mini-steph and mini-alan love and kisses for us! ;)

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