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Feb 25, 2011

For Christmas, along with our Keurig (yes - I'll never let you forget how much I love my Keurig) we were given a subscription to Netflix. Now maybe this gift isn't a life changer or anything BUT it has been a very welcomed addition to this home :)

Now a majority of what we're watching are not movies but documentaries. I know???!! I must be getting older, right?! Here's why I love documentaries:
1) They're normally shorter than the average movie in length (usually around 1 hr)
2) After I'm done viewing them I generally feel as if it wasn't a waste of my time
3) They're for the most part very informative

Before I give you my Top 5 list I must give a shout-out to those of you who suggested a number of the below items on FB or in person. Thank you!!!

So without further ado, here are 5 of my most recently viewed Netflix Instant View documentaries...

All of which are VERY interesting and worth the time to watch them.

(Items in our Queue: Tapped, Babies, The Vice Guide to Travel, The Lottery, Bonhoeffer and World's Most Dangerous Drug)

Now I want to hear from YOU!!!

Comment below with your Netflix Documentary OR Movie suggestions :)


Rebecca said...

I LOVE netflix documentaries! I must be getting older too. We loved the Lottery and are in the middle of Waiting for Superman. Up next is Freakanomics.
I also enjoyed: The September Issue, Frontline: Breaking the Bank, The Future of Food, The Botany of Desire, King Corn (one of the best food docs I think, besides food inc), The Ascent of Money...

I could go on and on. I'll spare you! Thanks for sharing your top five, I'm adding the ones I haven't seen yet.


nick&abby said...

okay...I've watched #1-4...#5 if on my queue...but I haven't watched it yet....The Cove was interesting for sure!

Lori said...

We LOVE Netflix: Movies, old TV shows, Docu's. Keep sending your recommendations, I've noted yours.

Anonymous said...

The Parking Lot Movie- best one I have ever seen!

Becca said...

Definitely going to check these out! We got a netflix subscription for Xmas and haven't started it yet, but I think I'm motivated to watch these! Thanks for the suggestions...

Kevin Cherrick said...

ditto: Waiting for superman.

Also: The Hobart Shakespeareans


Maxed out

Next up: Restrepo

Christy said...

I'm not into the documentaries, but my husband is. :) I am currently addicted to Prison Break...just started Season 3!

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