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Dec 31, 2010

I'm in love.

For those of you who have been following my endless Facebook status updates about my new found love of my Keurig Platinum- I apologize. I really do. It is probably a little annoying - BUT - I just can't get enough of this thing.

I have to be honest - I'm a little sad that I didn't hop on the Keurig bandwagon a bit earlier. Well - this year the Keurig finally made it on my Christmas list - AND even better - on my doorstep thanks to the kind UPS man delivering for my father-in-law and his wife. I couldn't have been more excited to get it up and running (and making the perfect cup of coffee).

Why do I like it so much? I'm sure a number of you are thinking... what really makes a Keurig that much better than a standard coffee maker?! Well here are some of my Keurig thoughts...

- Keurig's generally make a stronger cup of coffee than your average Cup of Joe machine - and I LOVE strong coffee.

- Keurig's brew coffee at a hotter temperature. All of you "I like it black" people are going to hate me - but I have to have a little creamer in my coffee and I'm not super fond of getting a new cup of coffee, adding my creamer and then having a luke warm cup of coffee at the end as a result. Yuck. So the hotter temp is PERFECT!

- I'm the only coffee drinker in this house so making a full pot of coffee just isn't the best idea. So... the single cup Keurig is AWESOME for our home. (Note: I will say for households that consume more than 3 cups/day the Keurig may not be the best economical decision)

- Very little clean up. Love this. There really is no clean up to the Keurig. For this mama - that is a huge plus.

- For you non-coffee people - the Keurig also makes hot chocolate, tea and iced drinks!!!

- And last but not least - I finally pulled the trigger (in terms of putting it on my list) when I found out that you're able to brew your own grinds using the My K Cup filter. I just didn't want to have to buy the K-cups all of the time so I'm super excited about the My K Cup.

So that's it! Thanks again Ray & Ellen!!!


Katie and Bret said...

Being the only coffee drinker in my house, I just may have to jump on the Keurig bandwagon too. I always enjoy it when I am at my parents house!!

nick&abby said...

Nick is obsessed with his! I think if I were a coffee drinker, I would be a HUGE fan too!
We found out last night that Bekah's uncle sat next to the Keurig inventor on a plane a few weeks ago! How cool is that?!

Penny said...

I got my very own Keruig gourmet single cup brewing system for my birthday in July and am enjoying every minute of it!

So many choices, so many flavors, so little time!

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