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Dec 8, 2010

So maybe this isn't really an SOS - it's more just a Mommy question :) Hehe.

Painting Nora's Toenails. I've been thinking about doing this for quite some time but just can't figure out how I'd actually be able to do it. Here's the deal - Nora is a very (and I mean VERY) active toddler. She's always running around and falling down. Honestly the only way I can even do her hair is if I stick her in front of the TV AND give her milk. Then I have a good minute to do her hair. And a minute might be stretching it.

Regardless - for those of you mommies with little girls - What age did you start painting your little one's toenails? And how did you go about doing it so it actually looks decent and doesn't smear before it's dry? I'm dying to know... really.

Comment below.

And because this post would be a little boring with no media... here's a video I took the other day of Nora trying to mimic her daddy :)


Joy said...

I've seen a girl paint JUST the big toe of her 14 month old - which may work for Nora- but waiting for it to dry...... NIGHTMARE... you could do it while her feet dangle in the high chair

Alexa said...

Okay I am not a mommy, but when I was home during Thanksgiving all the girls in our family went and got our toenails done, including both of my nieces. One niece is 18 months and the other is almost three. They both sat so still to get their toenails done with the biggest smile on their faces. My sister's daughter (the almost three year-old) sat so still it was amazing, she never sits still. Anyway, I would say if they have entered the mimick stage, she is probably ready for it. Go and get yours done professionally with her the first time, and she will start to understand.

Julie said...

when nattie was about 2 1/2, my neighbor was watching her and natalie wanted to get her nails painted. she wanted to hold the bottle but my friend didn't think that was a good idea. so the grown up ended up holding the bottle and promptly spilling it all over nattie and her light colored carpet!!! I think the stain of bright pink is still there!!! i was just so glad it wasn't my daughter's fault!!

Lindsey said...

I paint Lily's while she is busy eating in the highchair. It's perfect because she is preoccupied with food (I make sure she is eating her favorite) AND she can't get away from me.

nick&abby said...

I painted Adelyn's toes when she was a few months old...when she became a walker, though, it ended. Even getting her to hold still in the high chair doesn't I just don't get to paint her toes anymore :(

danielle said...

I still haven't painted Mabel's toes because I'm with you...there would be polish all over my house. She would never sit still long enough for it to dry. Never thought of polishing them right before dinner so they can dry. Great idea!

Suzanne said...

I started painting my daughters' toes around 20 months...she is a busy body and still is. Put her in a high chair, keep telling her how cool it is and stay still, do one coat and blow on them, give her a sucker or something she loves...tell her she is a big girl for staying still and have her watch you do yours! This has worked for messes, to keep her in a chair, but they chip really fast and don't stay like our pedis for long!!

Joy said...

Um, did your TV grow up?

Elizabeth said...

I just happened upon your blog and just wanted to say ohmagah! you are so cute!

I started painting my oldest's nails right around 1. She too, is and has always been, hopelessly rambunctious. But I wasn't going to let that stop me from prettyfying (totally a word) her toes. I use the Sally Hanson quick dry polish and either a can of compressed air from the office supply store and/or a can of nail polish dryer, like what they use in salons.

It's a chaotic scene when the actual painting is taking place, there's singing, painting, blowing, distractdistract, painting, singing, blowing.... you get the idea.

Anyways, in the end it was totally worth. And I totally end up with cute toe envy.

Could this comment beeee any longer? :)

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