The Belly Project (Part 2) | 17 weeks

Dec 13, 2010

Alright faithful readers... I'm about to do something that I might regret...but I just have to do it :)

Now like most of you, I had always "heard" that for your second, third, forth...pregnancies your uterus grows a wee bit faster than the first time around. It's as if your body gets too excited and it just pops out weeks before it did with your first.

Well... I'm hear to show you that what I just said is 100% true. Now you can say you've seen it. Not just that you've heard it (wink, wink). Don't you feel so lucky?!

So here I am at 19 & 22 weeks with our little teeny...

And for the I am with Baby #2 at just 17 weeks...

Crazy, huh?

Well other than my tummy growing much faster this time around here are a few additional thoughts...

* Cravings. Pretty much the same as with Nora. The first trimester I couldn't get enough of mashed potatoes & gravy, Jamba Juice & Taco Bell. Yuck... I know.
* Preparation. This is one of the funniest things I think about any pregnancies other than your first. I have not even looked at a pregnancy book or a pregnancy website. And my doctors appointments last no more than 5 minutes b/c I'm more concerned about relieving the babysitter than I am asking the doctor questions. Oh Baby #2 - I apologize in advance but I guess you're destined to come out of the womb not being the center of the universe :) I guess that's probably a good thing. (Although you'll still be pretty cute I'm sure of it....)
* Boy or Girl? We should know within the next couple weeks if we'll have a little Alan or little Steph. We'll see.
* Names. We don't really talk or think about it until we find out the gender. There are just too many options. Have you seen a baby name book? Some of them are as thick as an encyclopedia. Intimidating.

So that's all for now!


Lynette said...

fun to see baby growing!
and yes, that is the way it has been for me too...each new baby is easier to see earlier:)

Annie said...

How did I miss this announcement!!?? Congrats, Mama!!

Amy said...

I didn't know, either, Steph! How EXCITING!! And we're only about a week apart! Congrats!

Katie and Bret said...

I love the belly pics :)

Anonymous said...

Your mommy belly sure gave me a smile and great memories! I love to watch you blossom as a mom with Nora (you are great!!) and with new baby Flies! Keep those belly pics coming, you will cherish them when your kids are big! Nicole

Brian and Allie said...

Love you and baby #2 (ok- and nora and alan too!)

The Massons said...

Congrats again on baby #2! I found with my 2nd pregnancy I HARDLY EVER read pregnancy books or blogs. It just wasn't as interesting. Can't wait to hear what you are having!

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