Feb 17, 2011

Aww... Vacation... How I miss you already!

This past week we were blessed to meet up with my parents and brother and sister-in-law for a week long trip to Cancun (minus Nora). I know??!! I still can't believe it - we were child-less for 7 days!!!!

Thanks to some WONDERFUL friends (Laura, Joy, Christine & Sharla - we owe you BIG) we were able to leave little Ms. Nora in great hands and get away for an adult vacay. To see a little update of what Nora was up to while we were away check out this post on Joy's blog.

Anyway... on to the recap...

Upon arriving in Cancun this is the view we were greeted with at the Westin Lagunamar

Nice, huh?!

Now...on to what we did for 7 whole days without Nora...

A LOT of this (4 books to be specific)...

A little of this....We spent a day snorkeling with beautiful fish and sea turtles in Akumal...

And LOTS of this.... eating super yummy food!

Here we are at our favorite place... Thai. I know, I know. Seems a little weird that our favorite place in Cancun is a Thai restaurant. But this isn't your ordinary place. Pictures just don't do this place justice. Our table was in a little hut (as you can see) on the water. The beautiful setting and incredible food was perfect! All of us gave it 5 stars for sure!

And of course we spent a majority of our time with the family enjoying time together.

And lastly - a pic of the two of us - belly and all!

Yes - I know. I've gotten a little slack about wearing a bikini while pregnant. Well - here's the deal...I just can't get myself to buy a maternity bathing suit. I figure regardless of what swimming suit I'm wearing people are still going to know I'm pregnant so why try and hide it :)


Jenet Simmons said...

First of all...I want to go!!! Secondly...who would give you "slack" for wearing a bikini?! I loved your look! And you look good with a belly bump! Anyways, I bought a maternity suit with #1 and it's hideous! I'll be sporting a 2 piece this summer as well...oh and I'll be huge!

nick&abby said...

what?! who would give you slack for wearing a bikini while pregnant? puh-leeze

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