The Belly Project (Part 2) | 27 weeks

Feb 20, 2011

Here are just a couple random thoughts about our little baby girl (2)..

- I'm certainly bigger than I was since my last Belly Project (Part 2) update. Crazy what 10 weeks can do!
- I still haven't consulted a pregnancy book during this pregnancy. (Is that bad?!)
- We're getting closer and closer to deciding on a name. There is a little in-home feud over a couple names. We'll see who "wins." ;)
- The flu has been going around our home... boo! Don't come over! It's not worth the chance of catching it. (note: I never get the flu... EXCEPT when I'm pregnant....that darn ole pregnancy immune system)
- Believe it or not I actually wore the bridesmaids dress I wore at my friend Jess's wedding last night for the Phoenix Children's Museum Gala. Joy & I were invited to attend and we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get out (and dress up!)
Now the surprising part about the dress is not because it is an ugly dress or anything. It's actually BEAUTIFUL. It's just that honestly when I had it altered when I was pregnant with Nora the thought did cross my mind "Now what is the chance I'll ever wear a bridesmaids dress that's been altered maternity style again??!" Never say never I guess! Hehe.
(Sorry about the crummy pic - it was taken on my phone)
- Cravings? Well - if sour sugary candy counts, that would be my main craving lately! So much so that for those of you who follow my FB status updates you might have seen my mentions about a certain Valentine's Day candy craving (SweeTarts Heart Gummies to be exact).
This is the story - upon returning from Cancun I went out the day before Valentine's Day to find these delightful little treats and couldn't find them ANYWHERE. I'm talking no where peeps. I went to Target, Frys, CVS, Walmart and Walgreens. Poor little Nora was probably wondering how many stores we could visit in one day. :)
- According to the latest update - this little girl is the size of a head of cauliflower.

All for now... till next time!


nealy said...

Love are so cute. I have the EXACT same shirt in black (Splendid?) that I wore a lot when I was pregnant (and now still). ;)

Alexa said...

I love the maternity outfit your wearing. Super stylish.

alan and steph said...

@Nealy - you're too sweet!!! Mine isn't Splendid. I don't even know what it is! :)
@Alexa - thanks for the comment! Maternity clothes are pretty terrible most of the time so I appreciate you saying that you think it's stylish!

... said...

I just stumbled across your blog and was hooked! You are a great writer and have such a beautiful little family. Enjoy your baby bump and good luck in the days to come!

Janel said...

Looking beautiful Steph! You are always so trendy...LOVE IT!!!! :) Miss ya!

nick&abby said...

awww...our new little niece is already super cute! ;)
BUMMER about the flu! being sick when your pregnant is like a triple wammy....
can't wait to see you SOON...
T minus 6 days!

Brian and Allie said...

I love you!!! I wish I could borrow your clothes. We should stop getting pregnant at the same time :)

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