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Feb 23, 2011

Ready or not it's cold and flu season!

Introducing...Boogie Wipes. Our solution to the nasty cold season that seems to come and go on a weekly basis in this home :)

I know what some of you are thinking.... aren't Boogie Wipes just a glorified kleenex?!! Well - yes... kindof. BUT.... they are worth it.

Why? Well - these little tissues are soaked in saline which helps to dissolve the caked on boogies. Cool, huh?!

Certainly worth a try. We don't use them for every nose wipe but for the really nasty one's we pull out a Boogie Wipe.

As far as I've seen Boogie Wipes are sold at Target, Buy, Buy Baby and BRU.

You're welcome! :)

(Oh - and just for fun - here's a pic of Nora and her Baby Chloe watching a little Veggie Tales this morning)


Laura said...

Veggie Tales?!? What happened to "Baaawnee?" Did he get sent to time out too?

Nora definitely could've used some Boogie Wipes when we were watching her! Very cool!

alan and steph said...

"Baawnee" is taking a leave of absence from this house for a little bit. We were concerned it was coming an idol ;)
FYI - if you do come over the word "Baawnee" is not spoken of any longer. Hehe.

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