Steph's Pick | Pregnancy Tips {Part II}

Jan 28, 2011

I'll be honest... I haven't been the best pregnant person this time around. And by that I mean that I essentially haven't opened one pregnancy book, I often forget that I'm even pregnant AND I never spend more than 10 minutes at my doctor's office. Now I realize this is pretty normal the second (and third and fourth..) time around but it still feels as if this little girlie is getting a little less lovin'.

In an effort to bring a little more attention to this growing bean I wanted to highlight a few Pregnancy Tips (for those who care).

1. Bar of Soap in Bed for Leg Cramping
Some of you remember when I blogged about this during my pregnancy with Nora. You can read that post here. Well the leg cramps are officially back (as of this morning) SO you can bet this mama is pulling out the ivory soap bar and putting it under our sheets... regardless of the weird looks ya'll may be giving me right now :)

2. Ruby Love Baby Books
I just realized that although I did highlight these on our blog (see Nora's book here), I've never really even given an update on just how much I LOVE these books.

Well - let's just say I'm slightly obsessed with Ruby Love Baby Books and was reminded of my love of these when I received Baby Girl #2's book in the mail just yesterday! You can imagine my excitement...I love me some snail mail (even if I'm the one that ordered it).

3. Baby Name Website - Social Security Administration Popular Baby Names.
I'll admit - there is nothing fancy about the website I'm going to tell you about BUT it has been a very useful tool when talking about this little girlie's name. Thanks Nealy for sending us to it.

The Social Security Administration has what I would consider the most accurate data for all names and they even go back to the 1880's! Alan spent an hour or so searching by decade for the Top 100 names of each decade (again - starting in the 1880's) to be sure we covered all of the basis!

No - we have yet to decide on a name. But we're getting closer. However, we'll wait to disclose the name until after this little girl makes her big entrance.

4. A little indulgence - Wetzel Pretzel
Ladies - I'm no saint. Not that any of you thought I was - but I certainly love to indulge every once in awhile during pregnancy. Well the little pretzel bits at Wetzel Pretzel have come to the rescue a couple times during Pregnancy II.

Read about my first Wetzel Pretzel Craving on Scottsdale Moms Blog - I still chuckle when I read that post!


nick&abby said...

I was going to ask you this morning if you had the soap under the sheets yet :)
I LOVE Mason's ruby love book too... did you get the second year packet?

alan and steph said...

yes - I totally did. I normally buy the 2nd year packet along with the Outings and Holiday packets. Mostly just b/c I love them so much.

The Names Blog said...

The Social Security baby names website that you mention is the best thing that ever happened to baby names! It's really cool that they put this data up every year (on the Friday before Mother's Day) so the information doesn't go to waste in some dusty office.

Katie and Bret said...

I got a Ruby Love Baby Book for Baby Euken :) Thanks for the recommendation!

Jenet Simmons said...

I'm right there with you on the Wetzel Pretzel Bitz!

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