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Jan 7, 2011

I'll admit it - we're total paper {products} snobs. There... I said it. I'm not really even ashamed of it.

Now I had every intention of doing a vlog (video-blog for my non-blogging friends out there) for this post. In it I was going to show you my Rudolph nose as I articulated our reasons for paying the extra buck for good paper products. Well....that's not going to happen (sorry). This mama is just a little too sick and tired for vlogging. One of these days...

Well on to our paper product "must-haves." And please.. don't stop reading here. The information below might just change your life (hehe)...

1) Viva Paper Towels

Some of you may remember my post back in May about these beauties. Well we love them so much I just had to highlight them again. I know.... paper towels for Steph's Pick 2x - crazy!

They are well worth the money and you will never go back to the other brands once buying a roll or rolls of Viva!

2) Puffs Ultra

There is nothing worse than being sick and needing to blow your nose every 5 minutes. Trust me...I'm in the middle of one nasty sinus infection right now and my nose hates me! Well, it doesn't hate me as much as it could because we're a little snobby when it comes to our tissues as well. Puffs Ultra has time and time again been Consumer Reports #1 Tissue choice (and you know how much we love CR). Not only are these tissues super soft - they are very strong as well.

3) Charmin Ultra Soft

Next up - the paper product used most often in this household (and yours too) - toilet paper! I might get some slack for posting about such a sensitive topic but I'm willing to take the backlash if it means saving you from problems down there.

To prevent said issues from happening we are willing to pay the extra dollars to keep things fresh and clean. 'Nough said.

4) Kirkland Baby Wipes

Last but not least - A Nora Recommends - the best baby wipes - Kirkland (Costco) Baby Wipes. Honestly I had no idea I could actually have an opinion about baby wipes. Well, needless to say, I do. These are hands down the best baby wipes. Both the thickest and softest. Love me some Costco.

That's it - what can I say - we live luxuriously in some ways ;)

Happy Friday!


Karis said...

Love it! Glad I could inspire your paper rant !

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