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Jan 23, 2011

When I titled this post I didn't think twice about it. However - I apologize in advance to those of you who may be expecting a Nora update - this is more a Steph update.

I know, I know... I'm not nearly as exciting {nor as cute} AND - let's be honest - Nora is our sweet little busy bee. But you'll just have to come back another time for a Nora update ;)
Regardless... let's move on.

November, December and January have been busy months so I thought I'd give you a little extra blog-reading (and looking) to keep you up to date on all of our happenings.
November and December were the months of babies. Babies, babies and more babies were born.

My sweet nephew (first boy might I add), Mason was born Nov 22nd. See his birth

He was followed by our dear friend's baby, Easton on Dec 3rd. See his birth announcement here.

And last but not least - our sweet friend's had their second girl, Clara on Dec 28th. See her announcement here.

{Note: I do have two more birth announcements I've been working on BUT they has yet to be put in the mail so I'd hate to spoil the surprise. So... we must wait for the H's & L's announcement at another time).

And of course you can't forget a few Christmas cards I worked on during the holiday season.

Now on to January...
Yes, yes - that is what you think it is - Tempo Medical's Co-Ease Self-Adherent Wrap. A friend actually had enough faith in my {amateur} photography skills that he asked me to take some photos for a couple projects his employer is working on. The photo above is just one of the many
shots I got of the product. Kinda cool, huh?!
Next I had a friend, Nealy, ask me to help her design her business logo. If you're from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, please do check out Photography by Nealy. Her work is so incredible!

January also brought some fun changes to our home. I just recently changed positions within Family Matters and am now managing the social media ("Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Twitter pretty please). This has changed my work schedule considerably and is allowing me to be home with Nora more often...which I'm soooo happy about. Don't worry - I still have quite the full schedule - just rather than being in the office I'm in my new "office" - the park, library, kid's classes, Chick-fil-a play land - you name it, we've been there :)

I've also been working on an INCREDIBLE Valentine's Dinner with Fleming's Steakhouse, Mom it Forward, Scottsdale Moms Blog and Streetlight Phoenix. Read more about this local opportunity to GIVE BACK this Valentine's. So cool...Alan and I can't wait to be able to dine on a perfectly cooked steak (no - we're not vegetarians in case you wondered) AND be able to give to the ministry of Streetlight Phoenix.

And lastly - this past week I've been working with a couple of other sweet friends and planning a Scottsdale Cooking Club (yipee)! We've already had to close the club b/c we're at the max number of people (20) and we cannot wait to get started! I'll post at another date about how YOU can start your own cooking club and the logistics involved :) (oh - and just b/c I'm weird I created the above logo - every cooking club needs a logo, right?)

Now off to bed...and as Nora would say...night, night!


jamie said...

wow girl you have a BIG capacity!

Sharstin said...

Hey steph! thanks for the comment:) i am loving your fabulous blog--and we both have a Nora--love! so to answer your questions about the headbands--I make a lot of my girls headbands, but i buy too! the little flower puffs are from forever21--you can get all different colors for really cheap. Here are some etsy sites that i love as well--littletownboutique, sprinklesontop, justjosie, petitcalla, louandlee, allegrageorge. Hope that helps!

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