Alan's Two Cents - Cell Phone Usage

May 1, 2008

Cell phone bills can be a large expense in your budget. I know ours is! Because of this it's important to familiarize yourself with your cell phone plan and billing statements. Below you'll find just a few things to consider.

To make sure that you have the right plan, review the last three months of your cell phone bill. You should know and understand peak and off-peak usage, text message and picture rates, area coverage, roaming charges, per minute fees for going over your allotted minutes, and termination fees. Knowing these factors will greatly help you.

Make sure you are using most of your minutes in your specific package. If you are consistently going over and getting charged for it…you might want to consider upgrading your plan. Otherwise, try and make your phone calls primarily during off-peak times. On the contrary, if you have an excessive amount of minutes each month…your specific need might be better suited for the next plan down.

Know the in’s and out’s of your specific plan. Don’t try to stimulate the economy by using your cell phone! And on a personal note: join Verizon - that way we can all talk for "free"!


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