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May 2, 2008

One of our most loved kitchen appliances is our panini grill. Some dear friends of ours, Peter & Julie Bartolini, got it for us and our lives have'nt been the same since ;) In all seriousness, I've found it to be one of the greatest additions to our kitchen. Each week it seems that there is always at least one night that I'm just not feeling up to cooking. Enter panini maker. By throwing together just a few ingredients these warm delicious sandwiches provide a yummy yet easy dinner option.

For those unfamiliar with these tasty treats, panini's are what I would consider sandwiches, Italian style. In Italian, Panino (singular) literally means small bread roll. "Panini" is often used in a singular sense by speakers of English and pluralised into "paninis."

Begin your creation with your choice of bread. Bakeries now serve up a range of wonderful breads to choose from: rolls such as michette, hollow in the middle; cigar-shaped loaves, called filone; and huge wheels of chewy country bread. If authentic Italian-style breads are not available, any bread can be used. The bread is the foundation for your panini. Below you'll find some suggestions that you might consider pairing together as you make your own panini's.

Possible Ingredients:
Fresh Mozzarella
Garden Herbs (basil, mint, oregano)
Sauteed peppers
Goat Cheese
Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Arugula Leaves
Grilled Chicken
Parmesan cheese

Use your creativity - I promise, you'll love it!

For more information on panini makers preview our Crate & Barrel Panini Maker or for a less expensive (but equally as good) option look into the Target Panini Press.
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