Surprise Giveaway

May 6, 2008

You read it right - it's a surprise giveaway right here on our blog!! For quite some time we've been curious to see just how many people are reading our blog. Because most people don't comment (which is understandable), we thought we'd do a drawing for a surprise giveaway for those who do comment on this blog before Monday, May 12th.

• Post a comment. Tell us what you like about our blog - if anything :)
• Enter by Monday, May 12th. Check back Tuesday, May 13th to see if you won!
• Remember to use your login name if you have one (blogger, typepad, live journal, word press, AIM) or first name & last initial so we can identify you if you win. Good luck!!

Note: Gift will be gender appropriate. Men - don't let the cute picture hinder your entry into this giveaway.


Kristen said...

Hi Steph!! I love your "Steph's Pick" and "Alan's Two Cents." I subscribe to your blog and when I see that there's a new post, I almost can't wait to see what you've written. Thanks for sharing your favorites and wisdom.

Hil'Lesha said...

I love reading the posts. :)

Julie B said...

How Funny!! But I want to win your giveaway!!! I especially like your panini post:) Have you tried CafePino for their Sangria? It saves a ton of time in the preparation and it is fabulous. We should go sometime!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that I am your most faithful blog reader!! So can my name go in twice?? Especially since the 13th is my Bday??!! :)

Lanzens Life said...

Alrighty, I love your blog! You are so creative and I like hearing about your life, and seeing pictures, since we live so far away. =)

Anonymous said...

I will admit. I am a bit of a "blog stalker". I found your blog through the Massons (I think). I enjoy seeing what you guys are up to. :-)

~Jamie Morgan

Nicole S said...

I like the recipes and green tips.

Nicole S
ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Sharla said...

I love reading your blog! The posts are always interesting, entertaining and practical. I can learn how to save money and get tips on being a great hostess all at the same time.

Liz R said...

I love reading your blog on those long nights at work!! I especially like your "Steph's Pick" and the fun ideas you give. My guest bedroom now has a "hospitality basket" equipped with bottled water and chocolates. I also filled my guest bathroom with all the essentials for those that forget to pack them. I always look forward to checking your blog!!
Liz R

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

I like Stephs Picks and Alans Two Cents. I also just like to read what you two are up to!

Anonymous said...

Steph's Dad Says
I would like to see more recipes from Alan and more money saving ideas from Stephanie.

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