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May 19, 2008

Insurance can be a major expense for most families. It certainly is for mine. Personally I have used the same auto insurance company since I turned 16. So I don’t really know anything different. I have heard that you should change insurance companies every so often but have never put that into practice…until now. Recently my work offered us a group auto and home insurance rate. I thought I'd at least check it out so I called up one of the three companies to obtain a quote and by the end of our conversation I had switched. Steph and I are saving $400+ per year for an auto (two cars) and a home owner’s policy.

The company offered many discounts and because they are online and don’t have the high overhead costs that your neighborhood insurance agency has, they can offer lower rates to begin with. Another way to save with insurance companies is to raise your deductible (to at least $500). This will make your premium payments lower.

So, look in to changing auto/home insurance might be surprised at just how much money you can save.


Laura Strack said...

Hi Guys, Just found your sight and I Love it very much. Cute family and great tutorials. I want to touch on your recent Insurance Company change. Kudos to you for switching companies and saving $400a year. That's awesome! Along with my hubbie, we own an Insurance Agency in Texas. We love it when we can save our clients $400 or more a year on their Insurance Polices. This happens quite frequently and our new clients often come from a direct company, like the one you have chosen. However, now they have someone local that can speak directly and candidly with, allowing them to build a trusting relationship with the same agent, not someone different every time they call the Insurance Comapany. They also like it when their renewal arrives and they can talk with their agent about any changes that may have taken place. if rates have increased, or if they have a claims issue, they know they can call us for advice.They get to talk to that same person who has helped them, over and over again. There are many advantages to having a local agent such as, If you ever have a claim and you don't agree with the claims manager's decision, what would you do? We can help you find other solutions. You do have choices and Having an Independant Local Agent can walk you through the process. We can also run quotes for you, again supplying you with choices. We have access to many companies rates, not just one company's rate, like the direct writer you have chosen. We can run quotes and check rates to get you the best price for the best available policy. Sometimes you can save money, but will you have the same coverage? Here in Texas there are several types of Homeowner's Polices, but they are not all the same. Again, at your request, a good agent will run quotes for you at renewal. I just wanted to let you know how important it is to build a relationship with an Independant Agent. Find someone you feel comfortable with and one you can trust. Believe me, when it comes to claims time, and you can call someone you trust, you'll be much more happy and his advice may save you alot of headache and alot of money. Thanks for your time! All my best, Laura

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