Steph's Pick - Personalized Stamps

May 23, 2008

I'm always on the lookout for new gift ideas. Not only for family & friends but for myself as well. (Every once in awhile you just need to treat yourself to a little something!) About a month ago I ordered myself a new personalized return address stamp and I just LOVE it! At first, I thought it was weird to be so excited about such a random little item; however, I also bought one for my sister-in-law, Sara, who also loves it just as much as I do. These stampers are great gifts for weddings, birthdays, new home owners, or anyone who just loves to write letters.

I bought mine at Personalization Mall; however, there are numerous other sites that sell them. Such sites include Stationary Studio or Expressionary. Get your personalized stamp today!


Brian & Allie said...

I'M COMMENTING!!!!! I got one of these for our wedding and love it too :) I was waiting for that fav reads list though...

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