Neighborhood Root Beer Float Party

Apr 29, 2008

Recently I've been extremely disappointed with the fact that we don't know any of our neighbors very well. I wish I could say that we've only lived in our condo for a couple of months and are still getting settled; however, this August marks the 2 year mark for us and I still have a hard time remembering anyone's names.
In light of this we are hosting a neighborhood root beer float party. We'll pass out invitations this coming weekend and pray that people actually join us for our party. Above you'll find the invite I put together - I think it's pretty cute!! (thanks Sharla for help with the rhyme)
So - wish us well! It's sure to be quite awkward conversations but will hopefully prove to be a time to meet new friends. Anyone have any other idea's of ways we can serve our neighbors?


greg & amy said...

ok- you guys post blogs waaayyy more frequently than we do and yet you say your lives are boring!?
So wish we could join your neighborhood RB float party. I love root beer. And I love you guys so it would be perfect....
Great idea to get to know the neighbors.

Lanzens Life said...

Very cute. And very good idea!

Anonymous said...

No love for the unsuccessful shot at the rhyme...i see how it is!

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