Worship Wars

Apr 27, 2008

As our worship team at church began playing a song of worship, my eyes were drawn to the front row, just to my right, where I found a young girl, who couldn't have been more than 12, signing right along with the words that we were singing as a congregation. With great passion she followed along in signing each word as they were displayed on the large screen above. My heart and mind were mesmerized by this simple act.
How is it that we've found ourselves in what many would call a "Worship War?" You wouldn't be surprised to hear someone say, "Well I couldn't go to that church because they have too contemporary of worship music." Or the opposite, " I want worship to be like what I hear on KLOVE not a symphony." Back and forth people's personal opinion of what worship should sound like have moved the church into this war that frankly will never end until people begin really evaluating the truth behind worship.
As I watched this girl in church today, I had to evaluate what worship really is. Isn't worship supposed to be the act of paying honor to the Almighty God? Worship for this beautiful young girl seemed to be just that, a way for her to give glory to God. Who could possibly say that because she couldn't hear the music she wasn't worshipping?
Rather than spend our time debating which type of music should be played on Sundays, its time we take a look at what I saw in this girl - a heart of worship which was certainly not dependant on whether someone was playing a guitar onstage or not.
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Lanzens Life said...

Very good point!

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