a weekend in minnesota + a wedding

Nov 6, 2011

This past weekend Alan, Elsie and I traveled to Minnesota.

Yes... you read that right.... just us two...
plus this little cutie patootie...

We left Nora behind in AZ to spend a long weekend (we referred to it as an uber long slumber party) with Laura & Phil E (you may even remember them from hosting Nora's 1st Birthday).

While she had the time of her life with L&P, we flew to Minnesota to attend the wedding of these two (gorgeous) people - Tom & Elyse.

Of course we managed to do a few additional things as well...

Like.... introducing Elsie to her Aunt Sara, Uncle Kyle and Cousin Ella.
Nick also flew to MN this weekend and got to snuggle Elsie for the first time as well (sorry - no pics of Nick and Elsie).

And of course we had LOTS of people to catch up with at the wedding (love a good college reunion/wedding) :)

All in all it was an amazing weekend - full of lots of great memories.

Blessings to Tom and Elyse as they start their lives together!

And in case you wondered ... or just want a good laugh...

Yes - I did take the above pic of Elsie at the Minneapolis airport. :)

That's what you get when you have decent light, no toddler, a happy baby and a little extra time on your hands.


nealy said...

Love all the pics and LOVED seeing you guys!

B + A said...

So glad I got to spend time with you. Love you and love your family! And Elsie melts my heart :)

Katie and Bret said...

Loved the weekend! Thanks for posting the pics! Even the shiny ones :) sooooooooo good to see you guys! Elsie is adorable!

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