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Nov 17, 2011

After Elsie's arrival, one of my new mommy dilema's was what to do with my diaper bag situation at the church nursery. You see I only have one diaper bag (yes - for those of you super observant type - I did get a new bag when Elsie was born) for both girls. But when dropping the girls off at church, they are in different rooms and thus the one bag/two room situation just wasn't working.

Now of course I'd love to say that this inspired me to potty train Nora - but no - not so much. Although a potty trained kid requires no bag, we aren't exactly ready for that transition just yet.

So off I went (and by "went" I mean my fingers went a searching on trusty ole looking for a preschool/toddler backpack.

Here were my requirements :
- Personalization available
- Cute
- Side pocket for sippy
- Toddler Size (nothing too large for Ms. Nora)

After lots of research we finally decided on one of Pottery Barn's Preschool Backpacks.

I couldn't wait to get it in the mail!

Thankfully this sweet little bag didn't disappoint. It was just as cute as I'd hoped and Nora loves it too. She calls it her "hap-back."

Let's just say there may be a couple of these under our tree for some special nieces this year ;) What can I say? I'm a total sucker for personalized gifts!

And I'm throwing in this last picture for sentimental reasons. How in the world is she getting so old???!! Tear.


nick&abby said...

you still need a bag when they are potty trained! Extra undies...projects they do at the nursery, daycare, wherever we definitely is handy to have! :)

Kiki said...

Yes, you'll still need a bag after potty training. Levi has this backpack and he loves to carry it himself and I love not having to shlep one more bag!

jamie said...

and for encouragement- don't worry about potty training until you are ready! :) lots of the mom's with kids around nora's age are probably talking about it- but then it will be the next thing like, what school will she go to or does she know her letters.. it's always something new! So do it when you are ready to do it- trust me it doesn't matter- pretty sure my mom doesn't remember when i was potty trained! :)

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