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Jul 2, 2011

Seeings how it's been 2 months since the last Flies Girls Update I figured it was about time to give you a little peak into the lives of our two little peanuts.

Let's start with Ms. Nora...
  • Nora is approaching her 2nd Birthday! It seems like just the other day we were planning her 1st Birthday party. CRAZY?!
  • busy, Busy, BUSY!! This girl is busy. People say - well that's how 2 year olds are. Well - maybe. But you haven't met Ms. Nora. She takes the word "busy" to a whole new level. She'll run laps around any 2 year old (boy or girl) any day. I often tell people I feel like I have a 4 year old boy on my hands.
  • So busy is she that it earned her a trip to the ER this week (boo). Nora was playing so hard (and drinking so little) that she came down with a case of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Needless to say it was a bit scary for everyone involved but after getting some fluids in her via IV she felt much better. **Note: I will certainly be posting about this experience and the heat exhaustion/dehydration signs to look for in your children so stay tuned.
  • She still loves her friends Reagan. Yes... if you've missed it in other posts...Nora has two besties named Reagan.
  • Nora made her first appearance on live television this week. Check out SMB's ABC15 Interview by clicking here.
  • Nora loves her baby sister. So much so that she is always the first one to hear her cry after waking up for a nap. She'll run 100 miles an hour to wherever I'm at and let me know by saying "Baby sad!" Who needs a monitor when you have Nora?! ;)
  • Nora's new favorite activity: Flash cards. Yes... you read that right. This girl loves her flash cards. And some of you moms may be feeling all bad that you haven't thought to buy your children flash cards. Well let me ease your mama anxiety a bit. I honestly bought these solely to help distract Nora when I'm feeding Elsie - and it's worked like a charm! Some kids might be cool with coloring or reading for 30 minutes. My busy bee just doesn't want to sit still for longer than 1 minute. So flash cards to the rescue!!! I consider the purchasing of these to be one of my finer mommy-moments.
And how about Ms. Elsie...

  • 6 weeks old!!! I'm as stunned as you are. :)
  • Still having some tummy issues but we're on the road to recovery. I've been eating dairy-free for a couple weeks now and it has seemed to help a ton. She's also taking a probiotic so we're hoping that helps too.
  • Elsie rolls over all of the time. I thought it was a fluke the first time I laid her on her tummy and found her on her back. Nope! She pretty much performs this little stunt every time now. This girl is crazy.
  • She's sleeping pretty well at night. Usually goes one 5-6 hour stint and then the rest are always around 3 hours.
  • Starting to "coo" and smile more which of course makes this mama's heart melt.
And that's all for now! We're awaiting the arrival of Uncle Erik & Aunt Amy this morning from Iowa - it's sure to be a wonderful weekend! We can't wait!


Katie and Bret said...

Your girls are adorable!!!! I wish we lived closer :(

Jenet Simmons said...

They're just gorgeous! Love what a true big sister Nora is already ... "baby sad!" That couldn't be sweeter! And, by the way ... flashcards are awesome! I bought Cartie some a while ago...just fyi ... I had Will drill a hole in the top corner and put them all on a big ring so he can flip through them and I won't have to pick up 50 of them! :-)

Unknown said...

Steph!!! Havent visited your blog in a while :( so I just saw the ABC interview done with SMB!! YAY!! So excited that the word is spreading!! Congrats!

amy said...

that was me (amy) btw, my google account isnt working

Leah said...

Steph, I am signed up to bring a meal to a new mommy on Monday. She can't have dairy and I was wondering if you found any great meals when you were dairy-free for Elsie's sake? Just want to make something yummy! If you have any suggestions, that'd be super!

Steph said...

Eating Dairy Free is super hard.... but some options might include.... various salads (no cheese and check to make sure the dressing has no dairy), BBQ Chicken/Pork Sandwiches, Chinese food, Grilled Meat & Veggies... that's about all I can think of off of the top of my head.

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