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Jul 9, 2011

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a total sucker for personality assessments. What's not to love about finding out more about YOU?!

I can remember very specifically the first personality assessment I ever took - The Myers-Briggs (in high school - junior year maybe?). I remember after determining I was an ENFJ - extrovert, intuitive, feeling, judgement - I couldn't help but be thrilled to have some way to better define me.

I realize it's a little narcissistic. But in all honesty, even though you may think you know how you operate - inside and out - there's always something new that can be discovered by taking one of the many personality assessments that are out there.

And these assessments have done wonders for our marriage. For those of you who know Alan and I - we couldn't be more different. We're polar opposites in so many ways - which is only a HUGE blessing. I wouldn't want to marry anyone else. Which is why assessments are so helpful in helping us better understand one another.

One of the specific tests we've taken that we've found to be very helpful is The Flag Page. It's super easy, short and the results are almost scary (in a good way). I remember after printing off my Flag Page and reading through the 6 pages that described my motivations, my talents and my soft/hard tendencies I couldn't believe how accurate it was.

Since taking it we've had several of our friends who have also taken it (and loved it). It's an easy (and cheap) way to help encourage your family relationships and friendships.

And there's more (I realize I totally sound like an info-mercial ... not my intention...sorry)...
The Flag Page isn't only for you but is now available for your kids. So fun, huh?!

The Kids Flag Page is an interactive game for parents to do with their kids. Suggested for kids ages 4-15, it's a must have for all parents.

I personally cannot wait to do this with my girls once they get old enough. I think it will give such great insight into their how their little minds operate. :)

Plus I really believe in the ministry behind The Kids Flag Page. Sending some linky love to the Family Matters team.

Here's to learning more about you and your kiddo's.


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