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Jun 29, 2011

Did you know that Gymboree has the most amazingly super bubbles?!

I had no idea... until recently!

When compared to regular market bubbles, they burst every other competitor's bubble. While regular bubbles quickly fall to the ground and pop upon immediate contact with anything, Gymboree bubbles magically float suspended in the air.

Case in point - we live on the second floor of a condo complex. We blow bubbles out on our patio (yes - even in the 110+ degree heat). Since getting the Gymboree Bubble Ooodles there have been numerous times that after 10+ minutes of blowing bubbles we hear one of our neighbors yell out something to the effects of "It's a Bubble Wonderland out here!" The bubbles just don't pop. No joke. It's amazing.

They are a perfect summer activity for your own kiddo's and a perfect gift idea for any kids in your life. At $5/set they might be a little more expensive than the average bubbles BUT they are still affordable and oh so much better.


Erin McFarland said...

Hey Steph! We discovered these when they whipped them out at the end of story time at the library. I was totally baffled how they were sticking to Shay's hair and creating like you said "a bubble wonderland" :). I've been using them with toddler photo shoots and they are always a smile getter :). Hope you guys are having a great summer!
PS Looks like your Nora is 100% your mini! She's such a cutie-pie!

Brian and Allie said...

Good to know! I like the blower thing too!

kids clothing manufacturer said...

Nice post friend,keep it up

jasmineyoo. said...

i really like this! are they organic?

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