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Mar 25, 2011

Warning: Pregnancy Craving Alert!!!

In all honesty, I love these things pregnant or not-pregnant. BUT of course my cravings for them are even stronger when I'm expecting :)

I recently found out we have a Culver's that is scheduled to open fairly close to home. Now this may not be a big deal to all of you in the Midwest but this is HUGE here in AZ. Culver's opened some of their first stores in the Valley about a year or two ago and all (until now) have been roughly 30-40 min away. That's just too far to travel for a cold beverage.

But now with the new store opening within 10 minutes of our place I can tell you this mama is going to be in their drive-thru line ASAP :)

I can't vouch for much of anything else on their menu (it's not bad... it's just not "Steph's Pick" worthy) BUT I can say that there is nothing better than their Lemon Ice Raspberry Coolers. SLURP!!! So delightful! A perfect treat for any occasion.

Check it out!

Note: For my friends in cooler parts of the country something to note is that Lemon Ice (in all of it's forms) is considered a seasonal item on Culver's menu. I know! Boo, huh?! There have been countless times I've been soooo excited about getting my hands on one of these treats while home in IA or MN to pull up to the drive thru and be disappointed that it wasn't available until Spring/Summer time. (insert big sad face)


Katie and Bret said...

YUM!!! My favorite is the pomegranate mango. I can't wait for summer!!!

Kaarin said...

Can't wait to try it. Is the new one by PV mall?

Jenet Simmons said...

So where is it opening? And, when??

alan and steph said...

Not sure when it's opening... it just says "Coming Soon" on their website. But right next to PV Mall.
I did see one that is off of Camelback and 28th St. though.. not sure if that one is closer or not :)

Jeff, Kristina, Luke and Makenna Hepting said...

haha... "slurp!" :) just cracked me right up. (still laughing:)

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