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Mar 23, 2011

Oh wow! There are just some posts that call for mostly pictures.... and this is the post :) Plus I did promise in this post to tell you all more about our time in CA earlier this month.

Let's start with our time in California.

Nora and I went out to visit Abby, Adelyn and Mason at the beginning of the month. Nick was out of town for business and so it was a perfect excuse to have some girl (and kiddo) time. We went to Chuck-e-Cheese (yes - you did read that correctly), an indoor bounce-house and a number of parks. Needless to say we were consumed with keeping the girls BUSY.

While at Chuck-e-Cheese Nora found her most favorite character in the whole wide world. As you can see in the picture she was VERY happy to be sitting next to Barney.

And what would a trip to Chuck-e-Cheese be without riding some of the fun rides. Here is Adelyn and Nora doing just that.
Thanks to Nana the girls have the same coats :) Too cute, huh?! There were a number of times while we were out and about that we were asked if they were twins!

Upon returning from CA we were blessed to have my grandparents come to AZ for the month of March. We've spent a number of days over at their place. Nora loves having her great-grandparents around.

And lastly... a little update on the Baby Girl (#2). Things are progressing quite quickly (maybe a little too quickly in my opinion). Baby Girl is growing, has a name (yipee!) and we're attempting to prepare for her arrival as best as we can.

Here's an updated belly shot (so sorry about the weird lighting... my flash was being super weird).


Katie and Bret said...

You look great!!!

Laura said...

LOVE the photo of Nora and Barney :) I bet that made her day!

And you look so darn cute in that drses!!! Better than it looks on me!

Nate and Natalie said...

Love the picture of the two girls swinging in their matching coats. By the way, you look amazing!

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