Steph's Pick - Chic-fil-A

Jul 9, 2010

That's right - my pick of the week is Chic-fil-A - a fast food chain. I know that seems a little strange but let me explain...

First, they literally have the YUMMIEST chicken and lemonade! Really - go try it for yourself!

Second, they're closed on Sundays! What other fast food restaurant is closed on Sundays???!!! I love this about Chic-fil-A and their owners. Everyone needs rest, right?

And last (but certainly not least) who doesn't love their annual Cow Appreciation Day. Yes - that's right. Cow Appreciation Day. Essentially the gist of it is if you go to your local Chic-fil-a dressed like a cow you get a free meal. No questions asked. And if you're nervous you'll be the only one dressed like a cow - believe me - you won't be! :) It's becoming quite the popular activity.

We participated in our very first Cow Appreciation Day today and loved everything about it. Of course we dressed Nora in her cow costume (thanks Gma and Gpa T for the clearance Halloween costume - we knew it would come in handy!). We figure there are only so many years we can get away with this so why not start now ;)

To close this post out here's a little video we shot after returning home from Chic-fil-A...


Nate and Natalie said...

Too funny! I too enjoy their food though.

greg & amy said...

NICE!! I love how Nora isnt even 1 yet and you are teaching her how to get free food!! :) PLus, she looks adorable in the cow outfit.

nick&abby said...

I love that the costume doesn't even phase her! :) so cute.
I seriously did not understand why she was wearing a costume when Alan sent out the picture, but I get it now :)

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